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Hi!  I am Katie Warner.  I've been a dancer my whole life, beginning at 3 years old in my first ballet class, to teaching summer dance classes in my backyard as a teenager, to dancing as a member of both the drill team and dance company in high school.  I have extensive experience in ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary, tap, and everything in between.  I've been teaching dance for 12 years and I love every minute of it.

I moved to Cache Valley to attend Utah State University after high school.  I met my husband Dustin, graduated with a degree in Liberal Arts, and taught dance classes whenever I could.  After becoming a mom, buying a home in Providence, and wanting to educate my own children in my love of dance, I decided to do it myself and my home-based, professional dance studio was born.

My dance classes are different.  My classes are made for children who love to move, create, and imagine.  I believe that children should dance like children.  We use imagery, books, stories, games, and lots of fun to inspire our movement.  My classes will give your child a basic technical foundation, a new creative experience every week, and momentum to build on as he or she continues dancing in classes after mine.